carry more than you think you need

Pre-start, check out Sunny Farms in Carlsborg for bulk goodies, magnificent deli and hot case, ice cream, chocolate, all sorts of good stuff.

Port Angeles has a 24 hour Safeway up the hill, a pretty good fancy market downtown called Country Aire, and a kick-ass burrito spot called Little Devil’s Lunchbox.  You are going to want those burritos.

mile 10, R Corner Gorcery, quality convenience store on the N side of US 101.  Open 7-?

mile 94, you will arrive in Quilcene on US 101 from the S.  Quilcene has a few restaurants open until 9, an espresso stand, small-town grocery at Peninsula Foods, and just N of route an the Quilcene Village Store, open 7-11 daily.

mile 107, 2 miles off route to Brinnon with convenience store and Halfway House diner, open 7am-8pm daily.  Decent pie.  Also Geoduck Restaurant just S of town is open until 10pm.

mile 140, Eldon Store, corn dogs, slim jims, and clear beer

mile 142, Hama Hama Oyster Saloon, oysters and clams, smoked salmon, and maybe a nice stout or a saison..  Open noon-5:30

NOTE!  There is no resupply on route between Hama Hama and Amanda Park, a distance of 110 miles that is a solid two days of hard riding and hiking for most.

mile 167, 2 miles off route to Skokomish Park on highway 119 toward Hoodsport.  Very limited resupply, but sometimes they have frozen burritos.  5 miles past Skokomish Park is the Lake Cushman Grocery with somewhat better selection and, new this year, Nina’s Lake Cushman Cafe.  Lake Cushman Resort, which had a small store, is now closed.

mile 248, Amanda Park has Dino’s Pizza and Grill open noon-9pm (don’t get the pizza).  Also Quinault Internet Cafe has breakfast from 7:30-3:30, and there is a small convenience store and Quinault River Inn.

mile 249, another small convenience store and Lake Quinault Inn

mile 341, Bogachiel State Park has water, restrooms, and a coin-operated shower.  Forks is 6 miles off-route to the N on US 101, they have a Timber Museum, a vampire-based tourism economy, and most basic services.

mile 391, 5.5 miles off route, W on US 101 Hungry Bear Cafe open 9am-8pm daily, and Bear Creek Motel.  Full bar, totally worth it.